About me

I'm a professional software engineer living and working in New York City. A native of Ithaca, NY and graduate of its own Cornell University, I've lived in NYC now for a cool decade and can't wait for the next one. My lifelong fascination with technology has enabled me to move through a handful of industries (higher education, finance, e-commerce, media) and think about how people interact with technology from different angles. I enjoy facing challenges at all levels: from the lowest-level hyper-optimizations to the broadest questions about how a technology fits into its world.

Outside my professional life I indulge the occasional creative impulse with photography and writing; I indulge the more frequent leisure impulses with regional travel and film. I discover new music on bandcamp; I have been observed to enjoy falafel. I used to know things about wine but now I just enjoy drinking it. Nothing starts my day better than a run.

Find me on The Internet: Github, LinkedIn, Instagram. (Yes, I use the other ones, but at best sporadically.)